Oz Cast

On behalf of the panel, I would like to thank everyone of you, for the time and effort you put into your auditions. We know that auditions can be a little traumatic for some, however I think we all came through it unscathed. The feedback that we received was that the audition format was enjoyable and fair.

Please be mindful, for various reasons we are unable to cast every-one. However, choice is great... and that is what we had for TWOOz auditions. Through this we were able to select a principal cast with 'unique' personalities and should therefore bring that 'little extra' to their characters.

We congratulate and are pleased to announce our WONDERFUL Principal Cast and Specialised Dancers:

Dorothy Gale - Kathryn Adams
Scarecrow - Daniel Jorgensen
Tin Man - Jon Grear
Lion - Philip Ziakas

Wicked Witch - Sarah Westgarth
Glinda - Leah Anderson
The Wizard of Oz - Mick McKinlay

Aunt Em - Julie Kelly
Uncle Henry - Doug Giles

Caitlin HOGG
Emily McEVOY
Ashley PENNY
Jemmah SIMS

I would personally like to thank each and every-one of you; to those who made these auditions possible and to those who had the courage to 'have a go'.

JJ Geelen
on behalf of the Wizard of Oz Team