Cast Changes

We are very happy to announce that Philip Ziakas has been accepted into the performing arts course at Flinders University. We know that he is very passionate about the performing arts and thoroughly deserves this opportunity. Unfortunately for us, we have had to recast the role of the Lion. Philip did an amazing job, auditioning for the Lion.

Unfortunately Max Hodge had to withdraw due to ill health. Tilly Watson is happy to play to role as one of the crows and an Ozian. I have asked Chris Askew to be an extra to play one of the Wicked Witch's Guards.

Here is the complete cast list as it stands:

Dorothy Gale - Kathryn Adams
Scarecrow - Daniel Jorgensen
Tin Man - Jon Grear
Lion - Mick McKinlay
Toto - Molly

Wicked Witch - Sarah Westgarth
Glinda - Leah Anderson
The Wizard of Oz - Doug Giles

Aunt Em - Julie Kelly
Uncle Henry - Barry Germein

Specialist Dancers:

Caitlin Hogg (Munchkin/Monkey/Poppies/Oz Beautician)
Emily McEvoy (Winkie/Jitterbug/Snowfairy/Oz Beautician)
Eloise Morriss (Munchkin/Monkey/Poppies/Oz Beautician)
Caitlin Pathuis (Winkie/Jitterbug/Snowfairy/Oz Beautician)
Ashley Penny (Munchkin/Monkey/Poppies)
Abby Pike (Winkie/Jitterbug/Poppies/Oz Beautician)
Jemmah Sims (Winkie/Jitterbug/Poppies/Oz Beautician)
Kiara Wiese (Munchkin/Monkey/Poppies)

Ensemble/Munchkins/Osians/Pit Singers

Chris  Askew (Osian/Witch Castle Guard)
Tina Fahey (Pit Singer/Osian)
Jean Gunnett (Munchkin/Osian)
Kimberly Hollitt (Crow/Osian)
Sophie Jaeger (Munchkin/Monkey)
Jak Kirkbride (Munchkin)
Lynne McGrail (Munchkin/Osian)
Pepi Money (Munchkin/Osian)
Andrea Moses-Meir (Munchkin/Osian)
Scott Murton (Crow/Osian)
Jonathan Ogilvie (Osian/Witch Castle Guard)
Serenity Ogilvie (Pit Singer/Osian)
Jenny Penny (Crow/Osian)
Tom Richardson (Munchkin/Osian)
Benny Seidel (Munchkin)
Mark Seidel (Osian/Witch Castle Guard)
Lily Van Rhoda (Munchkin/Osian)
Megan Storer (Munchkin/Osian)
Tilly Watson (Crow/Osian)

I have asked Liz Eland to come up with a design concept for the costumes of our production of TWOOz... Liz has already come up with some very exciting costuming ideas... Liz Eland will now be part of the Production team as Costume Designer and will be working closely with Josie Catt, our 'Wardrobe Mistress'.

I am also currently in discussion with Andrew Freeborn to assist me with set design. Andrew will hopefully come up with a few ideas that will add that little extra to our design concept.

I look forward to seeing you all soon...

Cheers JJ