Jesus Christ Superstar Cast

SCCAS is very excited to be announcing the cast of our 2015 production of Jesus Christ Superstar:

Jesus - Robert Bell
Judas - Penny Smith
Mary - Zoe Tammita
Pilate - Kim Bell
Herod - Richard Greig
Caiaphas - Alexander Wright
Annas - Jenny Penny
Simon - Ali Dunbar
Peter - Danny Smith


From the Director:

I would like to thank every single person, that prepared and participated in our auditions today. We were all blown away by the tremendous amount of talent. We very much enjoyed the many interpretations of various roles, which did make casting a hard task. Final casting decisions were based on the directorial vision of the show.
Besides a small few that struggled with steps and movement everyone else who auditioned (and pre-arranged) were successful to be apart of our ensemble. Ensemble parts will be allocated at a later date. Any question on casting should be directed to me.
Thank you again for providing us with a very rewarding day. This show is going to be amazing!

 - JJ Geelen