Cinderella Cast Announcement

After seeing a lot of amazing talent at auditions, we are excited to announce the cast of our October 2017 production, Cinderella and the Pirates.

Cinderella: Kiara Wiese
Frederic: Jemmah Sims
Pirate King: Mick McKinlay
Ruthie: Pepi Money
Sam: Georgia Martin
Kourtney: Heather Kraehenbuehl
Khloe: Sally Pearce
Major-General Stanley: Pip Burfield

Tielah-Jade Cannon, Emma Drury, Jean Gunnett, Leila Hollingworth, Kirrily Jaeger, Sophie Jaeger, Andrew Kearney, Jak Kirkbride, Merioni Maria, Lynne McGrail, Shantel Pike, Theresa Phillips, Benny Seidel, Mark Seidel, Jack van Rhoda, Lily van Rhoda

Thanks to everyone who auditioned. You all did remarkably well in the workshops and your individual auditions. We look forward to working with this amazing cast.

Jonathan Ogilvie & the Production Team

Note: This information was correct at time of publication. Any changes to the cast will not be refelcted in this post.