From the Director of Les Miserables

Les Misérables is an iconic show and a favourite amongst many musical theatre enthusiasts. It is certainly one of my favourites and I’ve always wanted to be a part of this show. Despite its challenges, I believe we have a fantastic production that tries to capture the human phenomena of Les Misérables. Producing any show in the Victor Harbor Town Hall is challenging, with restrictions such as limited stage wings space, no vapour machines allowed, low stage height etc. Nevertheless, I was determined to make this production more about the human factor, believability and character interaction. I believe our amazing cast have achieved this and I’m sure that our audiences will not be disappointed, as they will experience all sorts of emotions.

Derek Walter, Sarah Bicknell, JJ Geelen and Deana Constable on the set of  Les Misérables

Derek Walter, Sarah Bicknell, JJ Geelen and Deana Constable on the set of Les Misérables

This production has been well supported by the orchestra, led by our Musical Director Derek Walter. Derek and I have been very fortunate that we have had invaluable support from Sarah Bicknell (Assistant Director) and Deana Constable (Vocal Director).

Others involved have been Merelyn Young (producing over 250 costumes), our construction team of John Williams and Allan Theisinger, Alma Schleider and Josie Catt (SCCAS Costume Custodian) supporting costuming and props, Marlene Meinecke (make-up), Emily Grear (wigs and make-up support), Greg Rossiter operating our lights and sound and Bill Lowe who looked after all the finances, ticketing and promotions. There are, of course, many others involved in this production.

Special thanks to our sponsors listed in the program, their support has been invaluable.

This is the 7th show that I have directed with SCCAS. I am the first to admit that directing a musical is time-consuming (bit like a second job), however the end result is so rewarding. For me, the most rewarding thing is watching people grow into their characters, make beautiful music and create something magical with minimal resources.

It is good to give something back to the community.

The Victor Harbor audience still like their old traditional shows, it seems. Fortunately, there are plenty of old-style shows that are still current and have been modified to suit today's audiences. The musical needs to be melodic and not too complex in story; it should be easy to follow. However, I think that there are some wonderful modern musicals out there that could be explored and should be given a chance to be performed in Victor Harbor, as they would possibly attract younger directors and performers.

I have enjoyed this journey, with a wonderful team of cast, musicians and crew behind me, to put on this popular musical, Les Misérables. I can assure our audiences that the cast, orchestra and crew have given it their all to make this show an amazing experience to witness. It has been an amazing experience for me and everyone involved. I thank SCCAS for believing in us and allowing us to put on this wonderful show.

JJ Geelen
Director, Les Misérables 2018