Les Misérables 2018 Casting Call

One of the world’s most iconic and longest-running musicals, Les Misérables tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who spends a lifetime seeking redemption. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France and the aftermath of the French Revolution, this timeless story of intertwined destinies reveals the power of compassion and the quiet evil of indifference to human suffering. As Valjean’s quest for a new life carries him into Paris and to the barricades of the Student Revolution, he is hunted by Inspector Javert and the ghosts of his past. Amidst a battle for the soul of Paris, he discovers the true meaning of love and salvation. Performed in over 40 countries and 22 languages, and with a lush, swelling score that features such famed songs as “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” and “Bring Him Home,” Les Mis brings Victor Hugo’s revolutionary novel blazingly to life.

Roles Available

JEAN VALJEAN is the hero of the show. It is his life journey that we follow. Jean Valjean is supposed to be stronger than other men, and so physically should appear robust. He should reasonably carry himself as mature and paternal. Valjean's ability to change is his greatest asset. the key to his character is his great humanity and compassion. Jean Valjean is a vocally demanding role.
Vocal Range: Low A to High A

JAVERT is the inspector who serves as antagonist to Jean Valjean. Javert is unswerving in his belief that men cannot change for the good. "Once a thief, always a thief" is his mantra. At first glance Javert might appear to be the villain of the story, but on closer examination it is clear that he is not an evil man. He is aware that in society some people achieve control through evil and others through power of the law. He is a dedicated policeman, with a profound sense of duty. Unlike Valjean he cannot change. His attitudes are rigid and unmovable. He is stern, forbidding and lacking in compassion. Javert should be an actor who can convincingly stand up to Jean Valjean.
Vocal Range: Low F to High F sharp

FANTINE is the beautiful young girl who, abandoned by her lover, is left to fend for herself and her daughter Cosette. She is rejected by society and forced through circumstances to become a prostitute. She is a brave woman defeated by life, sustained by her love for her daughter and clinging to her dignity. Sick with consumption, we witness her descent through poverty, hunger, cold, loneliness and destitution to death. She is a noble character, whose life becomes is a series of terrible events that rob her of her pride, character, and ultimately her life.
Vocal Range: G flat (below middle C) to D

EPONINE is the daughter of the Thenardiers. She is a young girl who is streetwise and tough, but also sensitive and lonely. She is in love with Marius, knowing that he will never love her. She bravely follows Marius to the Barricades in the hope that they will die there together. Once grown up, Eponine moves with her family to Paris where they fall on hard times. Now poor, living hand to mouth, she survives by helping her father break the law. Eponine is a tragic character, hopelessly in love with Marius. She sings one of the most famous numbers in the show, "On My Own," and should therefore be an excellent singer with a contemporary edge to her voice and an excellent actress.
Vocal Range: F sharp (below middle C) to E

MARIUS is the handsome romantic hero of the story. He is impulsive, passionate, willful and headstrong. His moods change according to his circumstances. He is sweet and tender but also capable of great courage and compassion. In Act 1 Marius plays Romeo to Cosette's Juliet. Marius matures after the Cafe Song as a result of his experiences on the barricade. Marius should have a lovely, lyrical voice with a contemporary edge. Vocal Range: Low A to High A flat

COSETTE is the beautiful daughter of Fantine. She is strong willed and loving. She is an intelligent, inquiring, personable girl. She is not in any sense a "soppy" romantic heroine. Once adopted by Jean Valjean, Cosette lives a comfortable, if secluded life. She is challenging to Valjean, behaving always with imagination and dignity. She falls instantly in love with Marius, changing her world and her priorities.
Vocal Range: B flat (below middle C) to High C (2 octaves above middle C)

ENJOLRAS is the student leader. He is handsome,brave and daring, although youthful. He combines his revolutionary ideals with a strong charismatic leadership. He is described by Victor Hugo as "a thinker, and a man of action". On the barricade he physically and vocally should dominate everyone else. He should ooze with charisma, be a natural leader, be good looking, and have a very strong high baritone or a tenor voice. Remember, Enjolras must lead the students to fight and ultimately die. His death at the barricade is one of the dramatic highlights of the show.
Vocal Range: A to G (above middle C)

MADAME THÉNARDIER is the wife of Thenardier, Madame Thenardier is as "one" with Thenardier. Together they con the world as partners in crime. They were made for each other, although she complains about him, she loves him deeply. She is coarse and vulgar, unhappy in her existence without knowing why. She is romantic, greedy, stupid, evil and larger than life. She is mean and nasty to Young Cosette and able to improvise in nearly any situation.
Vocal Range: G sharp (below middle C) to D

THÉNARDIER is the true villain of Les Miserables. He is embodiment of evil. That said, he should also possess a wicked sense of humor. He delights in cheating, robbing, fraud and blackmail, relishing every aspect of them with glee. He is tough, greedy, brutal, stupid and creafty and yet irresistable. He hates society and blames it and everyone else for all his misfortune. thenardier is also the opportunist and realist of the show. He is a thief, a liar, a cheat, steals valuables from the dead with no remorse. He is also the comic relief of the production. However, his comedy is based in reality and shouldn't be too exaggerated. He is married to Madame Thenardier and father to Eponine and Gavroche
(although he has abandoned Gavroche to the streets of Paris.)
Vocal Range: C (below middle C) to G sharp (above middle C)

BISHOP OF DIGNE is a good man who saves Valjean with his compassion. Don't overlook the importance of this role. The Bishop of Digne's compassion carefully establishes the premise of the show by literally buying Jean Valjean's soul for God.
Vocal Range: Low A to High E

GAVROCHE is Thenardier's son. He is left to fend for himself and lives by his wits in the streets of Paris. His "arch enemy" is Javert the Policeman. He is brave and witty. Think a young Artful Dodger. Gavroche has a very dramatic death at the barricade.
Vocal Range: B (below middle C) to G

YOUNG COSETTE is the child of Fantine. She is the ward of the Thenardiers forced into child labor and sings "Castle On A Cloud." She is a trembling little creature, underfed, beaten by Madame Thenardier and bullied by Eponine. Mak sure Cosette is small and looks properly pathetic and yet warms the audience's heart who should be sympathetic to her plight.
Vocal Range: A (below middle C) to C

YOUNG EPONINE is the pampered daughter of the Thenardiers. She does little except enter the stage and taunt Little Cosette. The role requires no singing or speaking. She should be a smaller version of grown Eponine and resemble Eponine in appearance and features.

THE ENSEMBLE plays a key role in Les Miserables. There are many featured roles/solos throughout the whole show and all are key to driving the piece forward. Characters include: The Students, The Chain Gang, farmers, workers, prostitutes, gentlemen, robbers, and many others.


Starting late January - Wednesday and Friday nights 7.15 to 10.15pm. Further rehearsals will be held Sunday afternoons 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm several weekends before opening night.


Friday 11th May 2018 - 7:30 pm
Saturday 12th May 2018 - 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm
Wednesday 16th May 2018 - 7:30 pm
Friday 18th May 2018 - 7:30 pm
Saturday 19th May 2018 - 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm
Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - 7:30 pm
Friday 25th May 2018 - 7:30 pm
Saturday 26th May 2018 - 7:30 pm

Victor Harbor Town Hall, 10-12 Coral St, Victor Harbor SA 5211

Information Night

Wednesday 8th November 2017, 7.30 to 9.00 pm at the Victor Harbor Lutheran Church, 21 Adelaide Rd, Victor Harbor SA 5211


Saturday 9th December 2017, starting at 9.30 am starting with Ensemble auditions followed by Principal roles. Call back auditions will be conducted after a short lunch break. We plan to finish audition around 4.30 pm.

Adare Uniting Church, 5 Adare Avenue, McCracken SA, 5211

More Information

JJ Geelen on 0407719338 or via j.geelen@bigpond.com