The Addams Family Reviews


The reviews are in, after our opening weekend of The Addams Family. Here’s what they said.

An incredibly talented ensemble cast… supported by an equally-impressive musical orchestra
— Weekend Notes
The standard of this production transcends “a bunch of amateurs in a country town having a go at doing a musical”. There is intelligence, diligence, care and affection for the artform in this show.
— Glam Adelaide
Greg Eden delivers a charming performance as Gomez, executing a near-authentic Spanish accent and donning dinner suits and coat-tails with finesse. Vicious vixen Morticia is played by the gifted Georgia Martin, who captures her spooky sophistication with a fiery flare.
— Weekend Notes
The Addams Family Chorus is an intrinsic part of the story-teller and not just an adjunct. It is how the creative team behind this production have successfully and cleverly integrated the Addams family Chorus that makes this production a stand-out.
— Stage Whispers
This production brings to life all of the weirdness and darkness that has made “The Addams Family” a long standing part of the pop culture vernacular. With a decent run of shows ahead there will be plenty of opportunities to experience this fun production.
— Adelaide Theatre Guide
The South Coast Choral and Arts Society have produced an exceptional show of professional quality, which will be remembered for many years to come, one which is nothing short of triumphant in every way.
— The Daisy Telegraph

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