The SCCAS Committee are a dedicated group of volunteers, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Society; including Theatrical, Choral and all other Society activities. The Committee is responsible for directing the future of the Society and protecting of all its assets including members. The Committee meets monthly, in the SCCAS Clubrooms, unless otherwise advised.
The Society’s Annual General Meeting is held annually in January, and all financial and honorary members are invited to attend. At the AGM the committee roles are renewed or redistributed in keeping with the SCCAS Constitution.

Committee Meetings

The SCCAS Mangement Committee meet once a month. The Committee Meetings are open, meaning any financial member of the Society is invited to attend as a non-voting guest.

2019 SCCAS Management Committee

President - Helen Williams
Vice-President - Julie Kelly
Secretary - Jean Gunnett
Treasurer - JJ Geelen
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer - Jonathan Ogilvie
Property Manager - John Williams
Wardrobe Mistress - Josie Catt
Choral Group Representatives - Graeme Butler, Alan Field
Extra Members - Graham Koch, Georgia Martin, Lynne McGrail, Alma Schleider


Society Documentation

South Coast Choral and Arts Society Constitution (pdf, 121kb)