The Importance of Being Earnest (2012)

Written By: Oscar Wilde

Directed By: Leah Anderson

Production Manager: Danielle Johnstone

Two young gentlemen living in 1890's England have taken to bending the truth in order to put some excitement into their lives. Jack Worthing has invented a brother, Earnest, whom he uses as an excuse to leave his dull country life behind to visit the ravishing Gwendolyn. Algy Montcrieff decided to take the name 'Earnest' when visiting Worthing's young and beautiful ward, Cecily at the country manor. Things start to go awry when they end up together in country and their deceptions are discovered - threatening to spoil their romantic pursuits.


CAST LIST with character description:

Damion McNAUGHT as John (Jack/Ernest) Worthing - The play’s protagonist. Jack Worthing is a seemingly responsible and respectable young man who leads a double life. In Hertfordshire, where he has a country estate, Jack is known as Jack. In London he is known as Ernest. As a baby, Jack was discovered in a handbag in the cloakroom of Victoria Station by an old man who adopted him and subsequently made Jack guardian to his granddaughter, Cecily Cardew. Jack is in love with his friend Algernon’s cousin, Gwendolen Fairfax. 

Alexander WRIGHT as Moncrieff - The play’s secondary hero. Algernon is a charming, idle, decorative bachelor, nephew of Lady Bracknell, cousin of Gwendolen Fairfax, and best friend of Jack Worthing, whom he has known for years as Ernest. Algernon is brilliant, witty, selfish, amoral, and given to making delightful paradoxical and epigrammatic pronouncements 

Sarah JOHNSON as Gwendolen Fairfax - Algernon’s cousin and Lady Bracknell’s daughter. Gwendolen is in love with Jack, whom she knows as Ernest. A model and arbiter of high fashion and society, Gwendolen speaks with unassailable authority on matters of taste and morality. She is sophisticated, intellectual, cosmopolitan, and utterly pretentious. 

Isabella SHAW as Cecily Cardew - Jack’s ward, the granddaughter of the old gentlemen who found and adopted Jack when Jack was a baby. 

Antoinette SAVORY as Lady Bracknell - Algernon’s snobbish, mercenary, and domineering aunt and Gwendolen’s mother. Lady Bracknell married well, and her primary goal in life is to see her daughter do the same. She is cunning, narrow-minded, authoritarian, and possibly the most quotable character in the play. 

Maria PRUZ-GRZYBOWSKI as Miss Prism - Cecily’s governess. She entertains romantic feelings for Dr. Chasuble. 

Allan THEISINGER as Rev. Canon Chasuble - The rector on Jack’s estate. Both Jack and Algernon approach Dr. Chasuble to request that they be christened “Ernest.” Dr. Chasuble entertains secret romantic feelings for Miss Prism. 

Chris ASKEW as Lane - Algernon’s manservant. When the play opens, Lane is the only person who knows about Algernon’s practice of “Bunburying.” Lane appears only in Act I. 

Chris ASKWEW as Merriman - The butler at the Manor House, Jack’s estate in the country. Merriman appears only in Acts II and III. (Merriman and Lane are expected to be played by the same actor)

Wednesday and Friday nights 7.30pm 

19th, 20th, 26th & 27th of October 2012
At The Victor Harbor Town Hall