Jack and the Beanstalk

In October 2015 Jonathan Ogilvie presented his directing début: Jack and the Beanstalk: A Pantomime. This SCCAS's first ever pantomime, and it was a great success, with over 600 people attending over 4 performances. Audiences were delighted to join in cheering and 'booing' as well as clapping and singing along to well known songs by Kelly Clarkson, Irving Berlin, Pharell Williams and One Direction.

Jack Buchanan stared as the titular character, with Allan Thesinger as his Aunt Dottie, and Sally Pearce as his lovable cow, Buttercup. Emily-Jo Davidson played Princess Anastasia, Jack's love interest and Kimberly Hollitt was the villainous Egbertha Ratchet.


Friday 23rd October 7:30 pm
Saturday 24th October 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm
Sunday 25th October 2:00 pm

All performances at the Victor Harbor Town Hall, Coral St, Victor Harbor.


JackJack Buchanan
DottieAllan Theisinger
PrincessEmily-Jo Davidson
EgberthaKimberly Hollitt
ButtercupSally Pearce
DimThomas James
DumEmily Williss
NarratorMichael Morris
TumbletopDylan Rufus
HenchmanTrevor Phillipps
HarpLily Van Rhoda

Production Team

DirectorJonathan Ogilvie
Musical DirectorSerenity Ogilvie
ChoreographerChelsea Sims
Business ManagerBill Lowe
Stage ManagerJohn Williams
Set ConstructionJohn Williams
Scenic ArtworkJames Stewart
CostumesJosie Catt
Hair & Make-upMillie Doherty
Sound & Lighting DesignGreg Rossiter


Jack lives with his Aunt Dottie and Buttercup the cow in the peaceful village of  Littlebottom. However, the delightfully evil villainess, Egbertha Ratchet is planning the eviction of all the villagers. She has hired Tumbletop the giant to help her terrorize the townsfolk. Jack and Dottie are forced to sell Buttercup, in order to pay rent to Egbertha. Meanwhile, Jack has fallen for the sweet Princess Anastasia. We can't really say what will happen next as it would spoil the show for you. But we will say that there are many evil plots and schemes and Jack gets to be the valiant hero who saves the day, the girl, and the village, with a little bit of help (or not!) from the Princess's minders Dim and Dum. But, eventually, they all live happily ever after!

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